Monday, 6 February 2017

7 Etiquette Advices to Consider if you are in an Open Office

Nowadays there are numerous start-ups rising up every day, and office space has been one of the major curbs for them, which is why many small enterprises still work in spare bedrooms, basements, garages or any single or double-room office spaces. Office space cost has been the main reason for these start-ups opting for these types of office spaces. Some even do not mind sharing their workspace with others, and this is why open office spaces and co-working spaces are on the rise these days
But if you’re in an open space, make sure you follow these etiquette advices.

1. Respect Others’ Need to Work.

Conversing with the neighbour employee is the common thing in most of the corporate offices, and it becomes annoying at times too.
Just because a person is sitting next to you, he/she doesn’t have to listen to your ludicrous stories all times. Being a responsible employee, you should respect your co-worker’s privacy. Even though there’s no barrier in between, you should act as if there’s a door in between, and if the next person seems to be busy, make sure they have time for you before speaking.

2. Beware of Odour

When you’re sitting close to other employees in an open space, the odours get magnified and it can annoy the person sitting next to you.
So take this into consideration while packing your food to office. Also, try eating in an area dedicated for that (break room, outside or cafeteria), and not on your desk. Yet another important thing to be considered is that, there are many people who are allergic to scents; may it be perfumes, strong after-shave or cologne. Make sure to use them in limits so that it doesn’t harm others in office.

3. Keep Distractions to Minimum

Sometimes people seem to have forgotten where they are when they’re in a deep conversation on phone, that they speak so loud and irritate others in the surroundings. And it is the most common thing in an office space; noisy conversations (May it be on phone or between co-workers) often distract people who are closer to it.
Also some peculiar habits like fidgeting, tapping on the desk, and getting up quite often can also cause distraction to those who are trying hard to concentrate. So make sure you keep these distractions to minimum so that people around you can work peacefully.

4. Be Clean

Your messy and unorganised desk can be a distraction to others working around you. It also detracts from the professional image your company is trying to build. So make sure you keep your belongings restricted to your personal space, and clean up everything that belongs to you while leaving from work.

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